About Saramonious

This is thirty

If you love reading random ramblings from a semi-educated person, then I am your gal. There is no real purpose to my blog, other than to entertain. This blog is an outlet and place to share opinions and musings.
I fancy myself an amateur pop culture commentator. I have a strong love for movies, music, and art, but I am not skilled in or able to produce these things I love. I possess a formal education in the study of sociology and public health. So, yes, I may be judging you, but I am doing so scientifically.

I have aspirations of one day changing the world for the better. I have a background involving social services and higher education. I am all about honesty and learning how to be wise with my words.

Please enjoy my thoughts, and if you are up for a daily dose of me follow me on Instagram or Twitter.