Auntie Sara

I have been an aunt since the age of two. That is right, two years old. My siblings happen to be significantly older than me. I have nine biological nieces and nephews and additionally five step-nieces and nephews. There are a lot of children, of various ages in my life. I have no children, and I have never desired to have my own children. If my mother were alive, she would tell you I asked at the tender age of six “is it mandatory to have children when you grow up because if it isn’t, I’m not having any.” I have not changed my mind in the last twenty-something years. I am happy being child-free and being the aunt to everyone. I have plenty of friends I grew up with who did not share my sentiment for being child-free. I am an “auntie” to two of my childhood friends.

I started this post because this weekend, I was on auntie duty at my fictive nieces’ second birthday party, and it got me thinking about my title as Aunt.

I am happy with this title. I can make a positive impact on another’s life, but I don’t have all the responsibility and pressure on me to raise a productive member of society. Not to mention, I come from a long line of unhealthy genes, I do not want to pass that along. Auntie Sara suites me just fine. I don’t need anyone to call me mom.

But people often jest and asked when will my husband and I have a little one of our own. My reply is always – “we are not having children of our own, but in the future when we are stable, we may adopt an older child.” My husband agrees with the lifestyle of not having a child, though I am still unclear about his reasons. But when I meet someone new, and they ask this child baring question I explain my life choices, which by the way I choose to share my life choices, because if you want to be nosy and judgy, I’ll intentionally overshare with you and make you uncomfortable.
Nonetheless, I periodically come across someone who says I don’t genuinely mean I don’t want children, or I’m just young and confused. Well, I’m 30 (so not so young now am I?), and there is nothing to be confused about, and I sincerely mean it when I say most things, not having/wanting children being one of them.

There is always that one person who tells me I’m selfish for not wanting children. And to those I say, go fuck yourself. I feel it is selfish to bring someone into the world for my own shits and giggles, or my personal favorite – so that I have someone to take care of me when I am old. There are plenty of skilled nursing facilities out there that I will be able to afford since I likely won’t have children, I mean as long as you don’t count my student loans as my children.

I just wanted to share my two cents on my title as Auntie Sara. I love it, and I wouldn’t want another title. I want to share that I think it is inconsiderate to ask others about when they will start popping out children. In my case, I don’t want any, but in many other cases, there is a medical struggle as to why they haven’t procreated, even though they are desperately trying.

A little sociology for you – Since I choose to be childless/child-free, I technically live a diverse lifestyle according to modern social norms. But there has been a modest increase in childlessness in the U.S. There is about 16–17 percent of all United States women who will complete childbearing years without bearing children, and I am really striving to be one of them. And according to social statistics, economic considerations (student loans possibly) have contributed to the rise in child-free marriages. **

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, 10/10 

This movie is a new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It shares a great story with a balance of action and comedy. (There are no spoilers ahead, I kept it basic.)
Brie Larson plays the role of Vers/Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel,  a strong female Kree warrior hero. The story takes place in the mid-90s, featuring a clutch music playlist.  Vers is on a mission to stop Skrull, an enemy of the Kree. Even in the first few moments of the movie, the audience experiences the depth and layers of Vers’ character. Her adventures start in space on planet Holla; eventually, the action moves to Earth. Once on Earth, Vers continues her mission of finding the Skrull enemies, and she meets up with a young Nicholas Fury, played of course by Samuel Jackson.
This movie has a lot of action, sarcasm and shape-shifting. The story-line keeps momentum, pieces of Vera past start assembling, questions about who to trust and not trust are answered. Like most Marvel movies, this portion of the story gets tied up pretty nicely.
In Captain Marvel, we find out how a specific infinity stone gets to earth, how Fury decides on the Avenger project, and how he hurts his eye. And we officially know who is on the other end of the pager from Infinity War. Oh, and did I forget to mention Jude Law is in this movie, he plays a crucial role though not in every scene, but dang is nice to see him when he shows up.
I definitely recommend the movie. There are great new characters as well as favorite familiar ones. There are definitely some changes from the comics, but it works. Hopefully, you’ve seen the previous MCU movies. My personal suggestion is to watch all the Avenger phases to prepare yourself for End Game, which comes out April 26th.

Captain Marvel – Official Trailer : Here

Avengers: End Game – Official Trailer : Here

A New Endeavor, about me.

Thanks for joining me on this new blogging adventure.
This first one will be rough, possibly dull, but I’m sure things will get better from here. My goal with this blog is just to get my thoughts out of my head and onto (symbolic) paper. I hope to post at least once a week, with 20 second movie review every other week or so.

A little about me:
I am (not) the most exciting person, but I do find my commentary on life to be very entertaining. I have an adorable cat and dog which I feel makes up for anything I lack.
In addition to my animals, I have a husband. He is a pretty cool dude, usually. As for the rest of my family – that a different post for a different day. In fact, I should probably just write a novel on them.
I work in higher education, need I say more?
I enjoy pop culture, movies, art, science, animals, and binge-watching sitcoms and British crime dramas.
I’m planning on going to law school soon, that will be a real endeavor.

Thank you for stopping by.

As of March 2019:
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