This is a great family fun movie about a slightly troubled foster child, Billy Batson, who obtains superhuman abilities after a fateful subway ride, all he has to do is say the magic word.

This is based on one of my brother’s favorite comics (Captain Marvel by Fawcett/DC). Aren’t we all a little familiar with another movie/comic franchise by the same name? But they are not one and the same. Due to copyrights and what not, Captain Marvel is never uttered in the movie, instead, we hear Billy Batson say the word Shazam a lot. By saying this word, Billy is able to transform into a superhero. But he isn’t just a scrawny teenager with powers, this word transforms 14-year-old Billy into a grown ass dude that has the same gifts as some immortal elders.

The movie early on lets us get to know a little bit about Billy and his back story as a foster kid, forever on the search for his mother. Billy lands in a group home ran by former fosters who now house children of all ages, abilities and personality types. Of course, our favorite child is the lovable smart ass sidekick, Freddy Freeman!  Freddy is a know it all /superhero buff. Freddy’s knowledge comes in handy after Billy crosses paths with a wizard who bestows these gifts of strength, intelligence, and power. There are delightful moments in the movie where Billy and Freddy figure out all of Captain Mar…. I mean Captain Thunder’s abilities, save folks, and they have an old fashion montage of superhuman day to day activities. Of course like every other superhero movie there is a supervillain, Thaddeus Sivana, who we know is no good from the very beginning of the movie. He is a sociopath with lots of demons, literally. Dr. Sivana (because almost all supervillains have a graduate degree of some sort) is after the wizard for the powers he once missed out on. As the movie carries on, we experience some heartbreak and friendship scuffles, eventually, we have a climactic event, where Billy Batson/Shazam/Captian Thunder comes head to head with Dr. Sivana and his 7 deadly sin demon friends. In order to win, Billy evokes the help of his foster siblings, sharing his abilities using the magic word and deductive reasoning.  The group of fosters are able to defeat Dr. Sivana and return home to their foster parents with what appears to be a newfound bond. The movie ends on a high, but silent note.

Though I am not typically a fan of the DC movies, because I feel they try a little too hard to be moody/broody, this one was a great watch with delightful surprises and jokes.  I’d give it a 9/10.

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