Useless Chatter |Podcaster Adventure

This July,  my long time friend suggested we make a podcast [ like actually make one. ]

We had talked in the past about how it would be fun to create one, to research and talk about topics important or new to us.  (Important to us does not necessarily mean important to others).

So we schemed over ice coffee, wrote down ideas for topics, the formula, and flow, the schedule, etc. But most importantly we just wanted to have fun. We see it as a way to catalog our friendship, force ourselves to learn new skills, and to step out of our boxes.

Our podcast, Useless Chatter, is just that. We intend to record the chatter that we typically only subject our families too. There is a bit more research and planning now between our conversations, but that adds to the joy of our borderline bureaucratic tendencies.

We started to record for Useless Chatter this past month and we have published our intro & 1st Episode! Episodes 2-4 are in the works.


Episodes will be published on 2 Wednesdays a month.

The 1st episode will cover a standard topic of society, culture, current events, hot takes, etc.

While the 2nd episode will be dedicated to a paranormal or supernatural topic. (Because I am truly the child of Mulder and Scully)

Please join us on this adventure.

If you like to hear pre-middle aged women talk excessively about their arbitrary personal and professional passions, check us out. You may laugh with us or you may laugh at us, but either way, you will learn something new and find some joy.

You can check us out here: and you should be able to find us on most other platforms where you discover podcasts.