Movie Review: Avengers: End Game 10/10 (Spoilers)

This movie was everything I expected. It was action packed, emotional and let us enjoy all of our favorites in one movie, one last time. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Avengers: End Game essentially picks up where Avengers: Infinity War leaves off. (Though the first scene of End Game is a cold open and is so brutal to watch. Just a heads up, the tears come early in this one). So anyways, half of the universe’s population has been dusted, the other half is devastated. The following weeks after the snap the remaining of the Avengers {Rodgers, Stark, Romanoff, Hulk/Banner, Rhodes, Danvers, Okoye, Rocket, Nebula, and Thor} band together to find Thanos and undo the snap. Unfortunately by the time they get to Thanos he done fucked up their plan by using the stones to destroy the stones. But don’t worry. Thor finally gets to cut off his head, though his timing could have been better. The End. Fast movie right? Well no, in true comic book and sci-fi fashion, the beloved superheroes find a way to do some avenging, but it takes them a few years to get back on track, five years to be exact. Most of the remaining Avengers keep in contact and try to help fix problems in the universe, except for Hulk/Banner, Barton, Thor, and Stark, they are out there living their own adventures for five years. – Actually, Thor is not so much living out his own adventure as he is succumbing to depression.
But the movie plot keeps moving when Lang pops back up. When he finagles his way out of the quantum realm, he finds that he has missed a whole lot of shit. Lang makes his way to Avenger base camp and shares an idea for a time heist, this could be a solution to fix everything. This idea is brought up with Stark, who dismisses the team, as he has moved on with his life and wants to focus on his wife and daughter. So Lang, Rodgers, and Romanoff work with Hulk/Banner to figure out this quantum leap stuff. Of course, they struggle with this and some hilarious and terrifying moments occur. Stark gives in, figures out flawless time travel and shares his plan with the group. And at some point in time, Barton comes back to the team, as does dad bod Thor. All together (or what is left of) the Avengers hatch a plan for the time heist. Everyone is paired up to travel through space and time and collect the infinity stones in the past before Thanos and his goons get a hold of them. (An additional plan is also laid out to return the stones to the past as not to screw up timelines and cause paradoxes).Essentially each pair has a storyline with the stones. All filled with their own excitement and epiphanies,  but a few storylines are dark. There is too much detail to type but just know that: in one-time line, Loki disappears with the tesseract, and in the main timeline Barton and Romanoff go to retrieve the soul stone and Barton is the one to return. While Nebula and Rhodes are out beating up past timeline Star-Lord, Thanos finds out about the plan due to the paradox of two Robotic Nebulas existing in the same era. So while {almost} everyone returns from the Infinity Stone quantum realm adventures, Thanos does too. And again the team has to fight him. While having all the stones, the Avengers fashion their own gauntlet to snap. Hulk/Banner takes on that responsibility to snap the other half of the universe back into existence. He gets banged up. Then the new fight with Thanos ensues. Luckily, ALL of the Avengers, Guardians, Wizards, Wakanda folks, etc, show up ready to kick some ass. They all work together to fend off Thanos from the new gauntlet. Its a whole drawn-out battle scene, you get to see every Marvel character do some damage to the bad guys. There is a great scene where Danvers flies in to take the gauntlet from Parker, and all the strong badass female superheroes have a little moment and show off their super skills.  (Super cute, super feminista. I loved it). Well, things aren’t looking so great for the team, Thanos seems like he is going to get the upper hand again until Mr. Tony Stark does a selfless act and saves the world. Stark takes the stones into his own robot glove and snaps his fingers. Poof the bad guys disappear, but unfortunately so does Stark. Okay, Stark doesn’t disappear in the same dusty way. The power of the stones truly fucks him up and we lose him. He gets to share his last moments with Pepper and Parker. The good guys won, but there were good people lost along the way – IE Stark and Romanoff. Stark’s funeral is included in the movie, everyone who is anyone is there. The movie shows everyone returning to their lives and with the appearance of moving on. But what about those stones and ripped timelines that occurred when everyone went galloping around in the past? Hulk/Banner rebuilds the time travel machine (lost in the battle) and sends Rodgers back to return all the stones. Unfortunately or fortunately, Rodgers does not come back as planned. He sticks around in the past to be with Agent Carter. We get a glimpse of Rodgers as an old dude {had a Joe Biden feel}, passing his shield on to Wilson. Rodgers finally got to live the life he missed out on. Very touching. But I’m still sad about Romanoff and Stark not being alive.

As I said, people returned to their lives after Starks’ funeral. Thor though instead of going back to New Asgard, jumped on the Milano with the Guardians. Should we expect a Guardians of the Galaxy 3? Great Oden’s Raven, I sure hope so.

So this movie tied up the loose ends from Infinity War. It was a great movie with adventure, drama and lots of sarcasm. I’m looking forward to the next phase in the series, though I will truly miss some characters. I’m also super concerned with the paradox that Captain America had to have created by staying in the past. Guess the Russo brothers will continue to keep us on our toes for a little longer.

I would recommend this movie to Marvel Fans, and if you aren’t a Marvel fan, at least watch Infinity War before you see End Game.

Hellboy, 7/10

I’m conflicted. I love Hellboy, I love David Harbour (still hot even as a red demon with horns), but I did not dig this movie to the extent where I don’t feel I will buy it or stream it.
There are great scenes, great lines and great characters, but it just didn’t do it for me. There was a lot of things going on, people with unclear motives, etc. You may need to brush up on your Hellboy lore. So if you are not familiar with the Hellboy, the graphic novel, created by Mike Mignola. Check it out! Or you could re-watch the old Hellboy movies, featuring Ron Perlman and directed by Guillermo del Toro. I think this movie has a very specific audience, and I’m not sure if the audience is very prominent.

Quick Synopsis – An apocalypse is coming, Hellboy, a man caught between two worlds, is either going to keep the apocalypse from happening or aide and abed it. In the movie, we get some back story on Hellboy, his pops and the organization he works for (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense). There are A LOT of actions scenes, and a lot of gore. I shouldn’t be surprised since Hellboy is a demon, but I actually was a little bit put off by all the senseless gore. While you meet several bad guys along the way, but the true villain in the movie is the blood queen, played by Milla Jovovich. She is a mad lady filled with power and resentment for humans for banishing creatures of the night. The ending is satisfying, good(ish) wins, and they elude to us meeting Abe Sapien in possibly another film. There are some post-credit scenes that are interesting/fun. As much as I want to say watch this movie, I can’t, it is not for everyone. I give it a 7 out 10, more so for my love of Hellboy and David, not necessarily the movie.

Movie Review: Shazam!

This is a great family fun movie about a slightly troubled foster child, Billy Batson, who obtains superhuman abilities after a fateful subway ride, all he has to do is say the magic word.

This is based on one of my brother’s favorite comics (Captain Marvel by Fawcett/DC). Aren’t we all a little familiar with another movie/comic franchise by the same name? But they are not one and the same. Due to copyrights and what not, Captain Marvel is never uttered in the movie, instead, we hear Billy Batson say the word Shazam a lot. By saying this word, Billy is able to transform into a superhero. But he isn’t just a scrawny teenager with powers, this word transforms 14-year-old Billy into a grown ass dude that has the same gifts as some immortal elders.

The movie early on lets us get to know a little bit about Billy and his back story as a foster kid, forever on the search for his mother. Billy lands in a group home ran by former fosters who now house children of all ages, abilities and personality types. Of course, our favorite child is the lovable smart ass sidekick, Freddy Freeman!  Freddy is a know it all /superhero buff. Freddy’s knowledge comes in handy after Billy crosses paths with a wizard who bestows these gifts of strength, intelligence, and power. There are delightful moments in the movie where Billy and Freddy figure out all of Captain Mar…. I mean Captain Thunder’s abilities, save folks, and they have an old fashion montage of superhuman day to day activities. Of course like every other superhero movie there is a supervillain, Thaddeus Sivana, who we know is no good from the very beginning of the movie. He is a sociopath with lots of demons, literally. Dr. Sivana (because almost all supervillains have a graduate degree of some sort) is after the wizard for the powers he once missed out on. As the movie carries on, we experience some heartbreak and friendship scuffles, eventually, we have a climactic event, where Billy Batson/Shazam/Captian Thunder comes head to head with Dr. Sivana and his 7 deadly sin demon friends. In order to win, Billy evokes the help of his foster siblings, sharing his abilities using the magic word and deductive reasoning.  The group of fosters are able to defeat Dr. Sivana and return home to their foster parents with what appears to be a newfound bond. The movie ends on a high, but silent note.

Though I am not typically a fan of the DC movies, because I feel they try a little too hard to be moody/broody, this one was a great watch with delightful surprises and jokes.  I’d give it a 9/10.

Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, 10/10 

This movie is a new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It shares a great story with a balance of action and comedy. (There are no spoilers ahead, I kept it basic.)
Brie Larson plays the role of Vers/Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel,  a strong female Kree warrior hero. The story takes place in the mid-90s, featuring a clutch music playlist.  Vers is on a mission to stop Skrull, an enemy of the Kree. Even in the first few moments of the movie, the audience experiences the depth and layers of Vers’ character. Her adventures start in space on planet Holla; eventually, the action moves to Earth. Once on Earth, Vers continues her mission of finding the Skrull enemies, and she meets up with a young Nicholas Fury, played of course by Samuel Jackson.
This movie has a lot of action, sarcasm and shape-shifting. The story-line keeps momentum, pieces of Vera past start assembling, questions about who to trust and not trust are answered. Like most Marvel movies, this portion of the story gets tied up pretty nicely.
In Captain Marvel, we find out how a specific infinity stone gets to earth, how Fury decides on the Avenger project, and how he hurts his eye. And we officially know who is on the other end of the pager from Infinity War. Oh, and did I forget to mention Jude Law is in this movie, he plays a crucial role though not in every scene, but dang is nice to see him when he shows up.
I definitely recommend the movie. There are great new characters as well as favorite familiar ones. There are definitely some changes from the comics, but it works. Hopefully, you’ve seen the previous MCU movies. My personal suggestion is to watch all the Avenger phases to prepare yourself for End Game, which comes out April 26th.

Captain Marvel – Official Trailer : Here

Avengers: End Game – Official Trailer : Here