Pokemon Detective Pikachu


Got to catch them all, Pokemon!
To be honest, I have never really cared for Pokemon, mainly because I am slightly afraid to watch Japanese cartoons, but I enjoyed this movie. Pikachu is so stinking adorable, and hearing Ryan Reynolds voice come out of little Pika is hilarious. I can feel it in my jellies that this movie will keep you amused for at least 100 minutes.

This movie is a bit formulaic and predictable, but it does provide entertainment, and really that is all it needed to do. I enjoyed the banter between Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds. The animation was great, and there were so many cute little pokemon.

This movie follows Detective Pikachu (Reynolds) and Tim Goodman (Smith) on an adventure to find Detective Harry Goodman, Pikachu’s partner/ Tim’s missing father, who was declared dead after a mysterious and fiery accident, where no bodies were found. The twisty thing to their partnership is that Tim is able to understand Pikachu, (and because of that, we get to hear the sassy and lovable Reynolds). The two meet in Ryme City, a place where pokemon and man live side by side, Tim and Pikachu depart into the city to find answers about what happened to Detective Goodman. Pikachu happens to also be suffering from a bout of amnesia caused by the accident that supposedly killed Pikachu and Detective Goodman. Pika is on a mission to retrieve his missing memories. To recover these memories, Pikachu and Tim take off through the city, to investigate this accident and missing memories, they do this by interrogating pokemon, talking with city officials, and teaming up with an aspiring reporter and her pokemon, psyduck. The foursome follows clues that lead them to a lab that genetically experimented with pokemon (a lab ran by Rita Ora!). The team learns that a Mewtwo is somehow involved with the accident and was experimented on in the lab. They also learn that there is a lot of corruption going on with the city officials and the founder, Howard. The big climactic point in the movie is when all hell breaks loose. Howard has some crazy plans for the people and pokemon of Ryme City, which involve some odd symbiosis technique. Of course, it is up to Tim and Detective Pikachu to fix everything. Without spoilers – There is a great dramatic scene involving every character you have met along the way, including Mewtwo and Detective Harry Goodman. The movie ends, and everything seems to work out for the better. You will leave the movie satisfied, though most of the dramatic or twisty events are predictable. The actors and animation make this movie. I give this movie an 8 out of 10. It entertains and is enjoyable, the storyline was not too imaginative for the most part, but cuteness and sarcasm make this delightful for those, like myself, who don’t know or care too much about pokemon.

Side note – I found that my pokemon spirit animal is psyduck. – they have chronic headaches, are full of anxiety, slightly unstable, but they are super cute