Hellboy, 7/10

I’m conflicted. I love Hellboy, I love David Harbour (still hot even as a red demon with horns), but I did not dig this movie to the extent where I don’t feel I will buy it or stream it.
There are great scenes, great lines and great characters, but it just didn’t do it for me. There was a lot of things going on, people with unclear motives, etc. You may need to brush up on your Hellboy lore. So if you are not familiar with the Hellboy, the graphic novel, created by Mike Mignola. Check it out! Or you could re-watch the old Hellboy movies, featuring Ron Perlman and directed by Guillermo del Toro. I think this movie has a very specific audience, and I’m not sure if the audience is very prominent.

Quick Synopsis – An apocalypse is coming, Hellboy, a man caught between two worlds, is either going to keep the apocalypse from happening or aide and abed it. In the movie, we get some back story on Hellboy, his pops and the organization he works for (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense). There are A LOT of actions scenes, and a lot of gore. I shouldn’t be surprised since Hellboy is a demon, but I actually was a little bit put off by all the senseless gore. While you meet several bad guys along the way, but the true villain in the movie is the blood queen, played by Milla Jovovich. She is a mad lady filled with power and resentment for humans for banishing creatures of the night. The ending is satisfying, good(ish) wins, and they elude to us meeting Abe Sapien in possibly another film. There are some post-credit scenes that are interesting/fun. As much as I want to say watch this movie, I can’t, it is not for everyone. I give it a 7 out 10, more so for my love of Hellboy and David, not necessarily the movie.