A Few Summer Movie Reviews

I got behind on my movie reviews (which really doesn’t mean much to my two followers)

So here are some real #quickmoviereviews –

Godzilla – 8/10 – It is an action movie, pretty much just has a bunch of monsters fighting each other. Humans pop in and out with some dialogue. The movie has a great message though – Stop fucking up the planet. We are pissing off mother nature and her titans are coming for us. If you aren’t into real deep movie plots and like CGI action, I recommend seeing this movie when it comes to Redbox or a streaming service. The film wasn’t really for me, but it kept me engaged.

Dark Phoenix – 7/10 – The next phase in the X Men Reboot. Not entirely thrilled with this movie. The story isn’t developed to my liking, and they have to cram a lot of information into a short time frame. I do love the franchise and the actors, but this movie was easily forgettable. Will the X Men be able to help Jean Grey overcome this dark power she has absorbed? Yes and no.
Also, there is not enough Quicksilver/ Evan Peters. If you are a fan of Marvel or X Men, I recommend catching this movie when you can, just so you can say you’ve seen it. I’ve seen the X Men do better.

Aladin – 8/10 – This is not a whole new world, I mean movie. Very few things were different from the 90’s classic. It had a grand opening, a new song or two, and of course some different Genie parts – but all in all, it is the same movie I remember watching as a child. I thought the effects were nifty, the actors did well. Will Smith was an excellent Genie. The film holds up. If you liked the OG one, you should like this one.
Personal Soapbox – there was not enough Raja, and I think they could have used a real monkey.

MIB: International – 9/10 – This was a pretty okay movie. I love Tess and Chris together. Their chemistry does wonders for the film. I think they tied this movie in well to the lore of the previous MIB movies. This movie is pretty typical. There are funny parts, few serious parts, and a couple of twists (that you can totally see coming). MIB: International entertains and delights. I recommend catching this one where and when you can.