A New Endeavor, about me.

Thanks for joining me on this new blogging adventure.
This first one will be rough, possibly dull, but I’m sure things will get better from here. My goal with this blog is just to get my thoughts out of my head and onto (symbolic) paper. I hope to post often.

A little about me:
I am (not) the most exciting person, but I do find my commentary on life to be very entertaining. I have an adorable cat and dog which I feel makes up for anything I lack.
In addition to my animals, I have a husband. He is a pretty cool dude, usually. As for the rest of my family – that a different post for a different day. In fact, I should probably just write a novel on them.
I work in higher education, need I say more?
I enjoy pop culture, movies, art, science, animals, and binge-watching sitcoms and British crime dramas.
I’m planning on going to law school soon, that will be a real endeavor.

Thank you for stopping by.